About Me


Welcome to the blog!

I am a mother to the cutest 4 year old boy on the planet (maybe I'm bias?)

I said "I do" 6 years ago to a wonderful guy ;)

I am a photographer & graphic designer, for work and for fun.
(if you need anything, feel free to ask!)

I could easily live at the beach, day in, day out, and never.. ever.. get bored of it.

I have a ton of tattoos, and every single one has a meaning behind it.

My first job ever, was at a library.

Family is my world.

Friends are what keep me sane.

Reading is my outlet.
It is what can take a crazy day and make it calm, make a stressful month easier, and make me happy all around.
It is the perfect escape that my hectic life constantly needs, and I'm pretty sure I would lose my mind without books.
I could easily talk books for hours and hours, just ask my friends.
I give book suggestions without being asked.. sorry in advance.

I love my kindle, but adore a paperback.
I have never not finished a book, even if I didn't like it. I always need to know how it ends.
I love a book that makes me feel right along with the characters.
I mostly read NA/YA, but love me some crime and mystery as well. Combine the two and I'm in heaven!

I started this blog to have a place to put my thoughts, and to keep me busy.
It's such an awesome community and I am loving it so far!

Thanks for reading :)

- Marisa (but call me Ris, please)



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