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"Surrender To Me"
(I Surrender #2)

Monica James is Amazon's bestselling author of I Surrender, the first book in the I Surrender Trilogy. I Surrender was released July 30th 2013 through 

Monica James spent her youth devouring the works of Anne Rice, William Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson. Listening to the likes of Elvis to Fiona Apple and everything in between has been her inspirational tool to write. Her varied musical and literary tastes have shaped her into the writer she has become. Monica partook in extra Literature and Writing studies in High School. She studied a Bachelor of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at La Trobe University Victoria, Australia, majoring in Philosophy and Cinema Studies for three years. When she is not writing she is running her own business, but always finds a balance between the two. Monica enjoys reading honest, heartfelt and turbulent stories that leave an imprint on her. She put pen to paper because she wanted to write a book that she would want to read. She draws inspiration from her surroundings, hopeful others enjoy reading about the world as she sees it.


(I Surrender #2)

Ava Thompson left the love of her life, Jasper White, to unearth her destiny. Even though the decision was the toughest of her life, it was the only way for Ava to grow into the woman she’s always wanted to become.

Sadly, that destiny has led her back to the place that broke her.


And more importantly, it has led her back to the man who broke her.


But Ava is no longer the scared, lost girl she once was. Ava is stronger, and she will not allow her past, taint her future. 

Six months later, Ava travels back to Los Angeles for an event that embraces the true meaning of love. Sadly for Ava, her meaning of true love has been lost.

And that’s because of one life changing event that has altered her life forever.

Los Angeles is not how Ava left it. Things have changed. People have changed. She has changed. But what has remained untouched is her passionate love for Jasper White.

But does Jasper feel the same?



“Do you like me more now?”

At the moment, I am trying to stop myself from liking him too much. But I’m pretty certain I am way too late, as the like ship, set sail a long time ago, and now I am faced with an endless sea of pure wanton need.

“Jasper...” I pause, unsure of what I want to say. “Let me take you home,” I finish off.

Jasper shakes his head, pulling me towards him so we are chest to chest.

“Answer my question first.”

His alcohol laced breath is fanning my cheeks, and for some reason, it is a total turn on. My hormones begin a striptease, hoping I listen to them and give in to my needs.

“Yes,” I reply simply, because it’s the truth.

Jasper leans forward, hovering over my mouth. “How much?”

I hold onto my breath, afraid if I breathe the wrong way, I might do something I know I shouldn’t.

“This much,” I say breathlessly, while stretching my thumb and forefinger as far as they will extend.

Jasper tongues his top lip. “Good. Okay, now let’s go home,” he says while pulling back with a smug look on his face, as he knows he has caused me to go weak at the knees.


How I wish his home was mine.

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(I Surrender #1)

Singapore has stolen a piece of Ava Thompson.

It took one life shattering moment, for her to realize, her EX is not the man she believed him to be. Returning home to Los Angeles was never going to be easy for Ava. Her heart has been shattered to smithereens and she’s convinced it’ll never heal. Or, so she thought.

Enter Jasper White.

Unbeknown to Ava, Jasper White will change her life forever.

The attraction is instantaneous which troubles Ava, who has sworn off men indefinitely. But, she is finding resisting Jasper, with his tousled bedroom hair and piercing cerulean eyes, harder than she ever imagined. And that’s because Jasper knows what he wants, and he wants Ava.

But, can Ava surrender to her feelings for the one man who compels her to love again? Because, what happens if love does not triumph all? What happens if love isn’t enough?



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