Friday, August 2, 2013

Restore My Heart by Chelsea Camaron Review

3.5 / 4 Stars

From Goodreads:

"Bad Boy, Ryder Davenport comes into Dina Fowler's life in the middle of her own personal hell. Still coming to terms with the death of her parents, she pushes everyone away. When she trusts the wrong man, putting her in a bad relationship she felt she couldn’t escape, Ryder comes along. Enjoying his playboy ways, fast cars, motorcycles and a new woman in his bed nightly, Ryder had no thoughts of settling down. That is, until he sees the damage a man can do when he meets a very broken Dina. He changes in hopes of one day being enough for her. But, can she ever feel safe with a man again? Ryder has restored hundreds of classic cars, can he restore Dina’s heart?"

My Thoughts:

Restore My Heart is a story about a broken-hearted girl, who was in an abusive relationship that destroyed her heart for any other man. Well, anyone other than Ryder Davenport. But, ever since Ryder helped her out of her past relationship, she hasn't had more than a passing relationship with him. She wants more, but is too scared to act on it.

"Funny thing is, to this point I haven't spoken more than a handful of words to him and he has seen me at my absolute worst; yet his presence alone makes my heart jump."

Ryder has always been your typical player, sleeping with women, and throwing them away right after. When one woman's past catches up to him, he realizes just how his actions affect others. He has had a special place in his heart for Dina since the first day they met. Now he knows, that maybe, she is just what he has always wanted. He needs to better himself to be good enough for 'his' Dina.

"My Dina is broken, so alone, and so fragile. There I go again, my Dina, like she would ever have anything to do with me."

Now, its a matter of if Dina can let her past go enough to let Ryder in. To give in to her feelings, put herself out there, and chance getting her heart broken all over again. 

I definitely enjoyed the story of Restore My Heart. If anything, I wish there was more backstory. This was a short read, which I knew before picking it up, but I kept wanting more. More background, more development. It all flew by. I really enjoyed the characters and the relationships. Not to mention, this book was definitely a hot read! 

It also leaves off at a super cliffhanger.. so on to Salvaged (Daddy's Girls #2) I go!

Favorite Quote:

"Like Cinderella's step sisters trying to make the shoe fit, women can't for men into a certain fit, they way they want. When it's right, the slipper will side right on."



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