Saturday, December 14, 2013

*REVIEW* "Taming The Bachelor" by M J Carnal

Ex marine and bad boy, Mark Moretti, made a pact with his childhood friends to live life to the fullest and never allow a woman to tie him down. After years of success and the world at his feet, he is determined to make that pact a reality. A move back to his beloved Los Angeles threatens to change the future he had written for himself when the shy and beautiful, Sophie Barringer, ends up being the Maid of Honor at his sister's wedding. 

Sophie has been burned at love. The last thing she needs is a self proclaimed bachelor to turn her head. But her heart may have other plans. 

Forced to spend a week together in paradise, can they deny their steamy chemistry and stay away from each other or will they give in to lust and take the chance? Can Mark get over his player reputation to take a shot at love or will fate be cruel enough to deny them their happily ever after?

Let me start off by saying this book had me hooked on these characters. I read "Taming The Bachelor", "Taming the Playboy", and "Taming The Boy Next Door", back to back to back. I'm totally 100% invested in these characters now, and I promise, you will be too. READ. THIS. SERIES.

"Taming the Bachelor" is Mark Moretti's story. Mark is a known player, and loves his title. That is until he lays eyes on Sophie, and his whole life perspective comes crashing down. This girl brings this bad boy to his knees, and he can't do a thing about it. Sophie has her own past demons, and she is just as hesitant as he is about starting something up. So the two of them have to figure out where this is all going together. 

"I'm kind of an asshole. I don't think there is someone out there for everyone. Molly [Mark's sister] says it's just because I won't slow down long enough to open up to anyone. I am sticking with I'm an asshole."

However, there is always a twist, a turn, a problem. And these two face one hell of a problem, and prove that communication is key. Now, it's a matter of if they are willing to work through it or just call it a fling and move on.

" He grabbed her hand and put it on his chest.
'Do you feel this? You do this to me. No one else ever has.' "

There are a LOT of characters to meet in this book. It definitely sets the stage for this series. It was quite a bit to follow at first, but about half way through I started connecting the who-is-who in this group, who is related, and who is married. Once I hit that point, I was a goner. I loved some characters, hated others (then fell in love with them in a later book..), and all around enjoy their dynamic with one another.

Each book in this series can seemingly be read as a stand alone, but I HIGHLY suggest reading them in order. If you don't read Taming The Bachelor first, then you will be lost in some parts of Taming the Playboy (ps.. that one is hands down my favorite of the series).



  1. Nice! I downloaded this so now I will have to start it :) Thanks for the review!