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*BLOG TOUR* "Still Human" by Kerry Heavens - Plus Review


Danny and Liv are back...

Danny loves Liv. He knows he loves her more than she loves him because she ran without a word when she saw their future mapped out before her. He knows he will never love anyone like he loved her and this time he doesn’t think he can move on.

Liv loves Danny. She knows she loves him more than he loves her because he broke her heart in the worst possible way, right when things were falling into place. She knows she will never love anyone like she loves him and this time she doesn’t think she can move on.

They needed a second chance because they just weren’t ready for their first, but when events changed everything between them, they discovered they were just human after all. Now Liv and Danny have to find a way to survive being hurt by each other. 

They doubted, they underestimated and they did believe the worst, but only because they were too young the first time and too vulnerable the second time. But now they have changed and if they are not the same, surely things can only turn out differently?

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My Thoughts
(do NOT read unless you have read "Just Human", contains spoilers of book #1)

"Just Human" left off at us screaming "WAIT!! NO!! OMG!!", and "Still Human" picks up exactly where we left off. I wanted to kick and scream at the two of them to just talk to each other! But in typical Liv and Danny fashion, nothing is ever that simple.

"Danny was just human after all, hurting me was almost inevitable."

But when a random chain of events changes everything, it's time to grow up, and face their feelings, instead of running from them. But of course, that doesn't come without a fight from both of them.

" 'Danny! You can't just give up.'
'Why not?' I scoff. 'She has.' "

Danny and Liv keep you guessing, wondering who is going to give in first, who is going to take the first step. They are both so incredibly stubborn, and understandably so. We get a little bit more in to their history, and see an even more beautiful side of Danny. Seriously, book boyfriends everywhere, watch out.. Danny is in town, and he can seriously rock a girls world. 

"We needed a second chance because we just weren't ready the first time."

Liv is the most stubborn between the two of them. Sometimes, I actually get mad at her for the walls she has around her. But, Danny knows exactly how to handle her and the two of them still, even amidst all the drama, have the perfect dynamic to work together. 

I was thrilled for more Liv and Danny, as well as Jen and Max. Everyone in this series has a very important role, and I was ecstatic that in "Still Human" we go deeper into Jen and Max as well. This wasn't just a 'Danny and Liv' story, this was an 'everyone' story, and it made it even more amazing.

Favorite Quote:

"I'm always rooted here with you and together we are too strong to fade away."



I have to think on my feet, I’m so used to having this conversation one sided that I can’t think of anything to actually say to her. The silence stretches out before me.
“I don’t know what to say,” I admit.
“You called me,” she points out.
“I know, but I wasn’t expecting you to answer.”
She sighs. “Danny, this is pointless, you have to stop calling me.”
“I can’t,” I whisper.
“It’s over,” she says with no conviction at all.
“But, I love you,” I tell her, “And you love me. So how can it be over?” I feel stronger now, she’s coming around.
She doesn’t reply.
“I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardise our future.”
“I saw her, Danny.”
“Nothing happened,” I say calmly.
She lets out a long breath. “It doesn’t matter. It’s too late.”
“Liv, it’s…”
“Don't, please. We never should have started this. It was always going to end this way. Go back to your life Danny and I’ll go back to mine.”
“It doesn’t have to end at all,” I say softly. “I know you love me. Tell me you don’t.”
“It’s too hard, you’re too far away.” Her voice is choked with emotion. Then, after a short pause, the line goes dead.


About Kerry Heavens

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  1. I have not read book one or two in this series, but I am going to fix that ASAP!