Tuesday, November 5, 2013

*PROMO* "Shadow Born" by Nicole Camp

Eighteen year old Raffin Tys has tried to blend in on Earth and be normal, even though he’s not completely human. Getting the girl of his dreams would have been enough adventure for him. Saving a race wasn't part of the plan.

Now Raffin is face to face with his past and the truth. A truth right out of his nightmares. Created for vengeance, his alien maker hellbent on destroying our world and dominating another, Raffin becomes aware of the fact that he was meant to end humanity. 

Influenced by his Sire’s memories, and caught up by the allure of power, Raffin struggles to remain true to  himself. 

Taken to a world away from his own, a dark threat from his family’s past emerges there. Equally matched with the enemy, when only one will live, Raffin must win, or die trying. The fate of two worlds rests on him.

Shadow Born 
By: Nicole Camp
Publisher: Entranced Publishing, LLC (October 14, 2014)


About Nicole Camp

Author Nicole Camp has written three books to be published by Entranced Publishing. 
Her first book, "Shadow Born" will release Oct. 14th, 2013; followed by "Shadow Throne" and the first book in a separate series "The Lady of Ispa : Magic & Meru" sometime in 2014.

Nicole is an ice cream lover, who lives in Arizona with her family and two pets. She is always working on her next writing project. When not writing, she likes to explore the world through photography, snapping pictures of her surroundings.

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