Friday, November 8, 2013

*WEEKEND AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT* Katt Sterling + EXCLUSIVE Cover Reveal for "Burning Infinity"


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Katt Sterling

I am so incredibly excited to share the cover for Burning Infinity. I’d like to thank the talented Cover to Cover Designs for creating such a beautiful cover, and I’ll Be Reading for graciously hosting the reveal. Last but not least, I want to thank all of YOU for the support and kindness you have shown.

About Katt:

Born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Katt Sterling always saw writing as a way to make life more interesting. If she had a falling out with a friend who wouldn’t let her wear the purple dress during dress up, Katt would go home and write herself a new best friend who always let her have first pick. When all of her friends had dates on a Friday night and she was sitting at home alone, watching reruns of Friends, she’d make up a story with the most romantic hero she could think of (she’ll let you judge how pathetic this is). 

Writing has always been a huge part of how she coped with life and she feels so incredibly blessed to be able to share it with others. She loves to hear from people who love reading as much as she does, so don't be shy and say hello. You don't have to talk to her about her book -- any book will do. 

Thank you so much, Katt, for the honor of revealing the cover for "Burning Infinity"! I adore the cover, and cannot wait to read the book!
-Marisa / I'll Be Reading

And now.. for the cover!! 

Twitter: @KattSterling

I was a runner. Nothing terrified me more than being still with someone.
Until him.
Cole Sampson’s steady persistence halted me in my tracks, thrusting me into his world of love and unwavering trust. But as the secrets we withheld crackled and flared, they sparked a fire too large to contain.
I wanted to run again; but as I stood amongst the rubble, I knew there was no outrunning Cole’s world and what it had made me. There was no one to run to anyway.
Because when you burn bridges, people go up in flames with you.

Five facts about Burning Infinity:
1. It belongs to the New Adult genre.
2. It’s a contemporary romance.
3. It’s a standalone novel.
4. It’s a debut novel.
5. Several of the characters were named after people in my own life.

One $10 Amazon Gift Card
Two $5 Amazon Gift Cards


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