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 Dearest I'll Be Reading fans,

I didn't seriously start writing until after my first son, Hunter was born. I had a rough pregnancy with him and he was born four weeks early at 2lbs, 14oz and 15 inches long. (He didn't have any health issues besides being tiny!!!) It was a crazy, scary time in my life and I'm glad now that I didn't know how he would change my life forever. I went every day to the hospital until he was able to come home. I had so much time on my hands that I started considering the characters that kept bugging me with their stories. So I put pen to paper...yes, I literally wrote my first novel (hasn't been published yet) on paper first and then typed it. I loved the feeling of being somewhat in control of my characters. They can be unruly at times! :)

After two novels were completed, I looked about for lists of publishers who might be interested in historical romances set in the Regency era. I followed their submission guidelines. I queried. I waited. Sometimes I would hear back and sometimes I wouldn't. After three years, I nearly gave up writing. To Right A Wrong came into play and I wrote it. Subconsciously I didn't think it would ever happen. Maybe my work wasn't good enough? Maybe my ideas were distasteful? Maybe it just isn't my time? In June I read a contemporary romance and was blow away by the story. I facebooked the author, who by the way is an amazing woman, and she shared her self-publishing story with me. She was supportive and answered my questions as I had them. I couldn't wait to start sharing this journey with you all! I cannot even begin to express all my gratitude and happiness at finding such kindred spirits in you too!

Thank you for reading my books and taking a chance on another new indie author!

Very Truly Yours,

A. C. Wilson

Thank you A C Wilson for sharing your beautiful story with us <3<3



An adventurous, self-gratifying rake, Lord Rockwell has been given an ultimatum by his grandfather. Either he marries within a month or his security and finances are stripped. Rockwell sets his sights on Lady Vanessa Rutherford, his childhood sweetheart, even as he obtains her help to find the perfect bride. Discovering he is also a father to a son brings up better forgotten memories.



Her heart was pounding in her head, her temples nearly exploding with the reverberation. The warm, late summer breeze caressed her legs, teasing the sensitive skin exposed with her skirts about her waist. The occasional burst of light spilled over Rockwell’s face as he suckled and imbibed at her breast. The fireworks exploded in the air, making her deaf to every other sound around them as they took advantage of the labyrinth that made up Vauxhall Garden. Vanessa marveled at the velvety softness of Rockwell’s lips paying homage to her body. She felt a burst of light shining from a great depth inside her soul, breaking free from a lifetime of captivity.
An occasional moment of sanity would pop in to question just why she was allowing him to use her in this fashion, but then his attentions would banish the validity of questioning. Whether the wine or her heart’s longing encouraged her participation she wasn’t certain, but she knew she didn’t want this to end. She had been in love with Rockwell as a young girl and she knew now that she was still in love with him.
If he was going to choose a wife, then this might be her only chance to be with him. Biting her lip, Vanessa shifted her body to brush her inner thighs across his erection. Her aim hit its mark as she watched shock and intense desire harden his face and his eyes burned with blue fire. Vanessa sought to make her demands known and brought her lips to Rockwell’s. She wasn’t going to be a passive player in this dance.



Orphaned. Rejected. Ruined. How many wrongs can any one person take?
Miss Candace Green is orphaned along with her younger sister and sent to her paternal uncle's home. Intruding on his bachelor's status, he sends them to be "lady's companions" in Bristol.

A year in Bristol envelopes Candace in darkness and desperate to keep her sister from such a fate, they escape to find shelter with their mother's estranged family in London. Family that disowned their mother for marrying a man beneath their class, their father.

En route to London, Candace encounters many people who will change her life forever. She is stunned by their kindness, humbled by their understanding and overwhelmed by their love. As one such person, Lord Blackstone is determined to introduce Candace into polite society while securing her position in the arms of her family. All the while he must fight to hold onto her while trying to right so many wrongs. Is love enough? Can it heal such devastating wounds?


"Have you completely lost your mind? You know very little more than you knew before I left!" Langham laughed at him, swirling the contents around in his glass. Blackstone tried to ignore his friend as he poured a brandy for himself. "You have allowed her to distract you wholly and I can't think of what might change that. Hopeless, my friend, absolutely hopeless."
Blackstone replaced the top on the decanter and walked to a chair by the fire. Langham watched his progress and soon followed, sliding into the mate. Blackstone raised his glass, but didn't drink.
"I have told you before that there is something about her that is unlike anything I have ever felt in anyone else. The pain in her eyes is devastating and I find myself wanting to kill any man that has ever touched her." He gritted the last out, tightening his fist in frustration. Langham wiped the grin from his face.
"I know. I have seen the same and she wears it like a cloak. Accompanying her to the church this morning, well, it made me think that she bears it as a penance." Langham spoke as he stared into the dancing flames in the bricked hearth. Blackstone nodded absently, staying silent. "Why would her uncle send them to that place? Surely he must not have known what he was doing. It seems unfathomable to cast out two young girls after being tragically orphaned." Langham sighed, settling into the chair. Blackstone winced.
"I should like to hope the same, my friend, but I fear that it is not the case. Miss Green did not say as much, but I assumed from her reaction that they were not simply misplaced."
Both gentlemen were silent for a few minutes, digesting the news and comments that each had shared. It was a tremendous puzzle to be sure. Each answer led to another question and vice versa. Would they ever know the right of it? With Miss Green's penchant for secrets and half-truths, Blackstone was afraid he never would be privy to it all. 



ANGELS. Do they exist? Do they offer comfort? Do they clear the way to good things to come? Do you know who they are?

Andy Martin is a single mother to a beautiful baby girl, Harper. It's been tough. Her family wants to know the father's name. She promised never to say. Her family wants her to give up the child. She can't do that either. So Andy is cast out from her home and forced to move to Rapid City, South Dakota to live with her ailing grandmother. Darker forces still at work, her grandmother dies and Andy is forced to go her future alone. Mother. Father. Provider. It all starts to crumble.

Matt Johnson has lived in South Dakota his entire life. Growing up near Hot Springs on his family's ranch, Matt knows the power of family and loyalty. Waking up to a screaming baby and crying woman in the hallway outside his friend's apartment was not exactly how he thought he'd test those beliefs. As soon as he meets Andy Martin, there is a crazy connection he just cannot deny. Something tells him to not let go.

If you found your own angel, would you let them go? Could you accept that even angels have their secrets?

Releasing December 10

He had always rose to a challenge. Suddenly her happiness seemed to become a priority for him. In reality he knew he shouldn't be here, in her apartment, alone with her. He was a stranger! Something pulled him to her regardless. He would have to contemplate his honor later.
Matt cracked a come-on-over-here grin and raised his palm out to invite her closer. He knew she wanted to. She hesitated to the point when he thought she might step away and  back into her shell. Feeling his confidence sinking, he began to lower his hand. That did it. It seemed to break whatever inner contemplation she was having and she stepped forward.
"I don't bite. At least not on the first date." Matt chuckled at her startled expression. She raised a brow.
"This is a date? I am sorry. I was unaware."
He smiled at her witty comeback.
"I thought we were getting off to a pretty good start." His hand slid up the curve of her shoulder to hollow between her neck and chin. She swallowed hard.
"Do all your dates cry on the first one? Let alone bring their infant daughter who is having a meltdown as well?"
He laughed loudly at that, wincing as she looked suddenly to Harper's carrier. Still asleep. That was close! Andy looked back to him with a very motherly warning. He chuckled more softly this time.
"There is always a first time besides I am pretty good at making the tears go away."
She lowered her eyes at that and he chuckled at her blushing cheeks. There was such a familiarity with her. He couldn't put his finger on it and he wasn't sure he wanted to dissect this. It filled him with an amazement that only seemed to broaden further as they stood there. In the deepest recesses of his mind he wondered what it would feel like to know this woman for years instead of minutes. Honestly he thought he would still be hanging on her every word.
Matt pulled her hand closer to his lips and brushed them across the back of her knuckles. Grapefruit and honey. There was a sweetness to the tangy scent. He liked it. Raising his chin, he took pride in noting that she held her breath. Her green eyes had grown more intense, more brilliant in the seconds they stood there. It hit him hard and he felt it all the way down to his toes. He wondered if she felt it too. 


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