Monday, November 11, 2013


Author Katija O will be releasing two works over the next month! "Que Sera Sera", a Novella, and "Majestic Pearls", which is book one in a series! Check out the covers and blurbs below and be sure to add these to your TBR list!



Coming Mid-November

After a year spent on an emotional roller coaster thanks to Dean Orlov, Kaylah was determined to set things right ... to change her life, for the better.

With Dean leaving the country to pursue his sporting dream, this was the perfect time for Kaylah to start a new. Her new focus was College giving herself a new outlook, different friends and hopefully new adventures .... without him!

It had seemed like the perfect plan, but as it is commonly known plans don't always work the way they should. Unfortunately for Kaylah on her first day in her new school she realised that her plans had fallen by the wayside with the unexpected return of Dean, not only was he back in the country, but also enrolled in her school.

Could she continue on this roller coaster? Did Dean even know she was alive? How was she going to get herself out of this situation and back on course with her plans?

Enter ... Josh, was he the one to help Kaylah forget Dean? He seemed to be all she wanted in a guy, and more - but would Josh be the one?


Coming Early December

Some believe in fate, others not so...

Who would think that a single car accident could determine someone's destiny?

But when Mia Tandy meets Nicholas Devlin their worlds are automatically changed.

Falling in love should be simple; should be natural and joyous but, as they are from different worlds, there are many obstacles thrown their way.

There is one thing, though, that no one can control and that is undying love. Fate has brought these two together, and class is keeping them apart.

What they don't realize is they are connected, neither one of them knowing this.

One person holds the key to this secret.

A secret from yesteryear, this secret and this secret alone holds the answer to how their destiny will evolve.




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