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*BLOG TOUR* "Starlight" (Peaches Monroe #2) by Mimi Strong!!

Mimi Strong

STARLIGHT will be available Sept 5th.

Book #1, STARDUST will be ON SALE for 99 cents during the blog tour, and is available now at:

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Starlight Blurb:
"So, I fly my rockin' curves off to LA for the big Peaches Monroe (that's me) underwear shoot.

I'm nursing a broken heart from you-know-who, when along comes Keith Raven. Sexy, tanned, and nearly naked. He's my new co-model, and let me tell you, Keith is the full package with a big package (wink, wink).

My new bestie Mitchell warns me that all male models are walking disasters, but I think Keith's different. He meditates, for example. And, unlike some people, he doesn't toy with my affection.

Staying at Keith's apartment in LA and swimming in his pool is heavenly, not to mention the more intimate details of our Rebound Arrangement. What's a Rebound Arrangement, you ask? It's a fixed-length romance and a great way to turn your world upside-down.

Meanwhile, Dalton Deangelo is trying to redeem himself and win me back. He sucks at redemption, but he is charming.

Something tells me that before I leave LA, I'll be forced to make a tough decision."

My Thoughts:
(PLEASE NOTE: Contains Spoilers from "Stardust")

SO.. I'm pretty sure every last one of us left off at a "GASP!! OH NO HE DIDN'T (snap snapity snap snap)" at the end of Stardust.

WELL.. in typical Peaches fashion, Peaches Monroe makes the best of her situations.*
*Side note: Peaches, is quite possibly, my favorite person in ANY book I have ever read. No really, she's amazing, and if she was real.. I wouldn't stop until she was my best friend.

Peaches is in L.A. for her underwear photoshoot, where she meets THE most charming and hilarious photo assistant, Mitchell, who quickly becomes her new-gay-bff. And also quickly becomes her voice-of-reason in the new crazy life-for-a-week she is about to get herself into.

"There's nothing like having a stranger notice how broken you are to really make you lose your shit."

Expecting to do her photoshoot alone, she is not prepared for Keith Raven, the model she will be working with for her nearly nude shoots. 

" 'He likes you.'
'Sure he does,' I said sarcastically. 'All the hottest guys just can't get enough of my peaches. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.' "

But, as it turns out, Keith really actually does like Peaches. But with things with Dalton left open, she is a little bit lost on where to let this thing with Keith goes until she actually ends things with Dalton. But resisting the sexy new co-model may prove harder than she realized.

"In the silence that followed, I had a little argument with myself. He's lying, and he wants to brag about having you as a conquest, howled the suspicious detective part of me. He's lying, and he's a filthy sex addict, said the part of me who wears librarian glasses and her hair in a bun. Then my randy tongue jumped into the argument and started yelling incoherently: MOUTH! KISS! TONGUE KISS! TONGUE WANT MOUTH!"

Have I mentioned I effin LOVE Peaches?!

Anyway, it turns out that Keith has recently ended a relationship as well. So here's where the arrangement comes in. Peaches and Keith agree to have Peaches stay with him, to avoid the awkwardness of staying at Dalton's, and at the same time to be each others "rebounds" for the time she is in L.A. Win win for both of them. Right?

But when Dalton comes back, it turns into a really awkward situation, really quickly, for everyone involved. 

“If you’re trying to make me feel like shit on toast, it’s working. I’m dressed in a drag queen’s clothes, I got a tattoo I’m too scared to look at, I narrowly escaped getting arrested, and now the world’s most beloved TV vampire is telling me I suck at life.”

Now, with her life crazier than it's ever been, issues at home, and one huge "omg.. really?" moment, Peaches has a few tough choices to make.

I couldn't love Peaches Monroe any more than I already do even if I tried. As always, in the life of Peaches, there are HILARIOUS scenes, crazy escapades, and nothing but speaking your mind.. even if you're speaking your mind as a foreign cleaning lady. This is a crazy good time read, as was Stardust, and I HIGHLY recommend this entire series so far!! 



Q. Where did you get the idea for this series?
A. Part of the inspiration is from that great romantic comedy movie, Notting Hill. Also, about a year ago, I wrote a book about a smart mouth waitress, and people loved the character so much. It was a YA book, and I had this weird psychic feeling (ha ha) that people might like a sassy character like that in an adult book, along with lots of sex and romance and great banter. I knew that I'd love to read a book like that, so I figured it would be fun to write, and it is!

Q. How many Peaches Monroe books will there be?
A. After Book 1 came out, I asked my readers how much Peaches they wanted. Everyone said they loved Peaches, wanted the experience to never end, and wanted many, many books. I don't usually write long series, so I decided to make it 4 books, total. That's a quadrilogy. Each one is a full-length novel with its own storyline, and the books are inter-linked. 

Q. When is book 3 coming out? And book 4?
A. I haven't set a date yet. I write fast, so it won't be too long, but I need to take my time and take care of Peaches while simultaneously torturing the poor girl. Writing a series with a character that readers love so much makes me feel like Peaches Monroe is a real person, and I'm just licensed to write her story. If I don't do a great job, I worry I'll get fired. So, I'm going to try to get you more books as quickly as I can without getting fired. (Don't worry about my mental health; I hear this is completely “normal” for authors of series.)

Q. Who would play the characters in a movie?
A. I think I should play them all, with puppets. The sex scenes could be a real challenge, but I'm willing to try.

Q. Have you won any major awards with your writing?
A. I have made bestseller lists, but my only actual “award” came from a friend who made me a certificate saying I am now a “good” writer because I've passed the million-word mark. I printed that out for my office wall. I'LL TAKE WHAT I CAN GET! LOL.





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