Sunday, September 29, 2013

*REVIEW* "Crash And Burn" (Daddy's Girls 0.5) by Chelsea Camaron

Crash.....a crash ended it all and started it all. Dina Fowler is attending college with her long time best friend Maggie Lawson. Life is good and carefree. Until the crash that changed it all. Her freshman year ends with the loss of her parents in a car accident, spiraling Dina into a deep depression. Secluding herself as she picks up the pieces to her life, slowly she finds the only person she has left is Maggie.

Chance encounters sometimes make the most incredible moments, other times they crash and burn. A chance encounter brings Michael barreling into a lost and vulnerable Dina's life. Playing on every weakness she has, he weasels his way into her heart. Slow build up to the hell that was soon to become Dina's daily nightmare. Her parents are gone. She wants out but has no idea how to escape her new reality.

Can she find her way out? Or will she be lost completely burning in her own personal hell? 

This book is intended for adults 18+ due to language and content. This book is centered around an abusive relationship, if you don't want to face that do not read this book.


Broken. Battered. Not defeated. This is not a pretty story, wrapped in a nice package. This is a real story. Parts of this story are my very own. Defeated by the hands and words of a man, I am no more. This is a story of how easily the warning signs are overlooked. An outsider can easily say, “How do women stay in abusive relationships?” They don’t understand, it starts in little ways, a slow build up, by the time you are aware, it can be too late.


My Thoughts

"Hell. Hell is the place you are supposed to fear. Live your life in the right way so you don't burn in hell. What happens when your hell is lived daily on earth."

If you are anything like me, you fell in love with Ryder and Dina in "Restore My Heart (Daddy's Girl #1)". You see Dina as this incredibly strong, independent person, but you wanted to hear more about how she got there. Her past is spoken about, but in the "Crash And Burn" Novella, you get a first hand view of how terrible it really was for her. 

This is Dina's story (with of course, a little bit of Ryder's story). This is her raw, real past, and knowing her in the rest of the Daddy's Girl books, she fought like hell to get to where she is now. From the loss of her parents, to the terrifying reality of her relationship with Michael, she has overcome and grown so much. 

"Life goes on even when we don't want it to."

It is hard to swallow, as to how she can stay with Michael with everything he puts her through. But it is not as easy as everyone would assume, to just let go of a person who was perfect once. Someone who saved you from yourself.  Especially when dealing with the loss of your parents, which is another part of this story that hits so hard, it is heartbreaking. But in the end of all of it, you love Dina, and Ryder, even more than before. 

"I know Michael does this because he loves me." 

Anyone who has, or knows someone who has, been in an abusive relationship, knows those above words can mean so much. If you have been there, or watched someone else who has, tried to help, or otherwise, you definitely feel insanely emotionally connected with Dina throughout this story. Michael once was her life-saver, and now he is just pushing her down, figuratively and literally. Heartbreaking.

I put this book down, amazed at the fact that it was a novella. Yes, quick read, and definitely what I needed for Dina's back story. But a lot of times novella's feel rushed, pushed along too quickly. This one didn't. At all. It was perfect. And just what us Daddy's Girls fans needed to hear, no matter how raw it is, about our amazing Dina.

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