Tuesday, September 17, 2013

*SPOTLIGHT* The Surrender Trilogy by Lydia Michaels

Lydia Michaels is an author who can put a spin on "typical romance" and make it real to the reader. Her characters aren't always perfect and their "flaws" or situations are of the nature the reader can associate with them. Curvy heroines, a man about to take his vows to become a Catholic priest, single mother and even Amish vampires are some of the stories she has written so far.
Lydia's newest accomplishment is The Surrender Trilogy.

With a dark past that would have shattered most people, Evelyn “Scout” Keats is doing what no one in her bleak world thinks possible—getting off the streets and leaving her impoverished life behind. She’s a new maid at the luxurious Patras Hotel, and aims to keep her job no matter what. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to sacrifice her dignity, or let anyone into her heart. The risk of losing either is just too great.

When hotel tycoon Lucian Patras discovers Evelyn in a compromising position, he uses everything at his disposal to seduce her—a proposition that both surprises and frightens her.

Ignorant to her true circumstances, Lucian relentlessly pursues Scout as a prize to be won. But he is soon given an unforgettable lesson in love and sacrifice when he learns how far Scout has gone to gain her independence and discovers that there are some things money can never buy.


This extremely hot erotic contemporary romance will be released on  these dates and in this order: 
Falling In- September 17th
Breaking Out- November 19th
Coming Home- January 21st

A sample of Falling In can be found in this free collection for Kindle, where it was chosen one of the hottest reads of the summer of 2013.


ARC's of Falling In can be found on NetGalley.

Lydia can be found on Facebook at: 

Lydia Michaels Fan Page:

Lucian, the male lead of the story even has his own Facebook page and loves to make new friends.

All books of the trilogy are already available for preorder/purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble sites.

To be kept up to date and to participate in an awesome release party (prizes, games and swag to be given out) like the trilogy's page:


Award winning author, Lydia Michaels, writes all forms of hot romance. She presses the bounds of love and surprises readers just when they assume they have her stories figured out. From Amish vampyres, to wild Irishmen, to broken heroes, and heroines no man can match, Lydia takes readers on an emotional journey of the heart, mind, and soul with every story she pens. Her books are intellectual, erotic, haunting, always centered on love.Lydia Michaels loves to here from readers! She can be found of Facebook or contacted by email at Lydia@LydiaMichaels.org



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