Monday, June 10, 2013

A Delayed Start..


I have been going back and forth for a while on whether or not I should start a book blog. If I did, how would I do it? Would I go back and post a million reviews on the books I have already read? Or should I start fresh with what I am reading the day that I decided to start the blog? Here's what I came up with..

I am going to start from scratch, with today as Day 1. Instead of trying to go back and post reviews on books that I've already read, that have been out for a while, I will start with what I am currently reading.  Good? Done. And here I go..

So, with that, Hello! I am Marisa, please call me Ris, and here is a little bit about me..

.I am Kindle obsessed.

.I have a slight (read: crazy) book addiction.

.I favor NA/YA genres, but am known to read Crime and Mystery as well.

.I don't do the paranormal thing (sorry), it just doesn't appeal to me. I do however, have a friend who enjoys them, so I'll be bugging her to post reviews on here!

.I drink tea like it is going out of style, and yes, I have a favorite mug.

.I am an artist. (Photographer, Graphic Designer, & Writer)

.I have a wonderful husband (who, mostly, puts up with the fact that I constantly have my nose in a book) and an adorable 4 year old son, who is my life.

If you would like to follow me on Facebook and Twitter, please do!:
Twitter: @illbereading

I WELCOME feedback! I love hearing others opinions and thoughts on books as well! So feel free to comment with your own reviews and thoughts!

The only thing I ask, is that no spoilers be written! I promise I will not give away ANY spoilers in any of my reviews! I can't stand when I am reading a review and all of a sudden, half way into it, I find out a major characters secret, or the twist that everyone keeps hinting at. Drives me up. a. wall. Thank you in advance :)

Enjoy <3



  1. Looking forward for your reviews! Welcome to the book bloggers world! :)

    1. Thank you! Having a bunch of fun with it so far :)

      and just to show how new I was.. I JUST realized today that I can reply to specific comments.. I had written a new comment as a reply and always wondered "hmm.. I wonder if they get alerted that there is a reply comment.." yep. lol