Friday, June 14, 2013

No two persons..

You may have noticed the quote on the top of my blog. I actually came across it on Pinterest, and thought that truer words were never spoken.

It is part of the reason I wanted to start a book blog. EVERY person who reads a book has a different view, a different opinion, a different story in their head. From picturing the way a character looks, to thoughts on their personality, to what mini-movie scene you are making it in your head, every person will see it differently. Certain parts will stick out to one person more than another. Some people will fall in love with the main character, and others will fall in love with a background character that only randomly appears. Others will be able to relate to a book, while someone else is wishing they could. 

Books open up an entirely new world, and while you're reading it, you become part of that world..
..even if its just for a few days..
..and sometimes even longer..



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