Thursday, June 13, 2013

Miss Me Not by Tiffany King Review

5 Beautiful Heartfelt Stars!

From GoodReads:

"Miss Me Not is a beautiful story of self-discovery, forgiveness, caring, and love. 

Madison Hanson's past demons have given her a shadow of an existence with little hope. With the sudden tragic death of a fellow student, Madison questions her own life choices, and is now forced to evaluate everything she thought she believed in. When fate intervenes and partners her with Dean Jackson, a popular "all around good guy" from school, Madison gets a glimpse of a life that is filled with sunshine that has the power to break through the darkness she has cloaked herself in. 

With Dean's help, Madison discovers a desire to finally step out of the shadows, and embrace life and all its gifts"

My Thoughts:

"Mitch Johnson died last night. He killed himself. I wasn't sad or heartbroken when I heard. I was pissed."

With a first chapter that starts out like that, how could you not want to know more? This is my first time reading Tiffany King, and I'm glad I found her. Miss Me Not is an emotional roller coaster that I am extremely glad I took. It is so much more than your usual "teen self-discovery" book. 

From the first line, this book got me. We immediately are thrown into Madison Hanson's world and thoughts. 

"Mitch stole my thunder. It should have been me."

Madison has a hellish past. A past that has haunted her since she was 13 years old. A past that no young girl should ever have to go through. Her emotionally non existent mother, or should I say Donna, and her father, who hasn't been in her life since she was 13, do absolutely nothing to help her overcome any of her demons. They go so far as to blame her for it, and completely shut her out. Her church-obsessed mother is just.. horrible. She is an evil evil woman. Madison blames her broken family on herself, and her past. She thinks she is undeserving of anything more.

The only person she has is her friend James, who has a set of demons of his own. Together they form a bond between two broken people, and decide their fates together through an unspoken "pact". 

Then cue Dean Jackson. "King of the Populars", and all around good (read: amazing) guy. When Madison is forced into being tutored by Dean, he slowly takes her entire world and flips it upside-down, for the better. Dean is her own personal god-send. He shows her a side of the world she didn't think existed. He eventually becomes her safe-haven, her hope. We watch a depressed, emotionally numb Madison slowly open up, as her walls begin to crumble. Dean is just.. wow.. There should be more people in the world like him, as well as his family. 

Miss Me Not takes the subject of suicide and abuse, and turns it into a beautiful story of hope. With such difficult subjects to write about, every word and emotion is written with amazing thought. I absolutely adored Miss Me Not, and encourage everyone, especially anyone who thinks suicide is the answer, or knows someone who might, to read this book.

There is always hope.


As a side note..
Before Miss Me Not begins, there is an authors note, and I feel the need to share it:

On a personal note

Suicide is never the answer, no matter how serious or hopeless a problem feels. Please seek help if you feel lose. There are people who care.

Trust me. You do matter.

Contact: The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Anytime 24/7



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